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Resources for Researchers brings together free guidance and training to demystify every aspect of open research.

Open to all researchers across all disciplines, Resources for Researchers supports F1000’s broader ambition to foster a culture of innovation and openness in research.

Want to learn how to publish all your research outputs openly? Not sure how to get started with open data? Or are you looking to make a greater impact with your research?

Whether you’re a STEM or HSS researcher, in academia or industry, just starting your career, or an experienced professional, here you’ll find everything you need to know to prioritize openness, reproducibility, and research rigor.


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What is open research?

Open research is a set of principles and practices that prioritize openness, transparency, and collaboration across the entire research cycle. Advocates of open research believe that all research outputs should be freely available and reusable to support reproducibility and equal access to knowledge.


Where to publish your research

Choosing where to publish your research is an important decision. Our publishing venues offer rapid publication of many research outputs, so you can get credit for every part of your research project.

How to publish your research

Are you planning to submit your research to an F1000 publishing venue? See what you can expect from our innovative publishing model and learn how to ensure your article is accepted without delay.

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