Open Thinking - F1000


F1000 has created #OpenThinking as a place and program where open research communities can come together to discuss the opportunities to seize, as well as challenges to overcome, to truly embrace open research.

As well as thought-provoking writing and arguments from a range of authors in the Thinking Critical section of the Open Thinking hub, upcoming event information and post-event videos can be found in the Thinking Aloud section. Information about our engagement with open research communities, such as the F1000 ambassador program, can be found on our Thinking Together pages.

Venns - Open Thinking


Thinking Critical is part of F1000’s Open Thinking program, where we invite thinkers and influencers to offer a range of arguments and opinions about issues critical to open research.

We hope you find this content thought-provoking and look forward to hearing your response. We also welcome any suggestions you have for future content so please contact us.

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Venns - Thinking Aloud


Thinking Aloud profiles both F1000 thought-leadership events discussing critical issues for open research and F1000 speaker contributions to conferences and debates globally.

Upcoming events can be found on these pages with full information on how to sign up to attend. You can also find video archives and takeaways from F1000 events and F1000 speakers’ international contributions. If you have an idea for an Open Thinking discussion or would like further information, please contact us.

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Venns - Thinking Together


Thinking Together provides information about how F1000 is working with research communities internationally to progress the opportunities of open research and tackle the challenges to open research adoption.

Information about our Ambassador Program can be found on these pages. If you would like further information about our Ambassador Program, please contact us.

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