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Case Studies

Case Study

Health Research (HRB)

The Health Research Board (HRB) is Ireland’s leading funding agency supporting innovative health research and delivering data and evidence that improves people’s health and patient care. By providing HRB-funded researchers with the freedom to rapidly publish all aspects of their research outputs, they enable greater recognition for authors and help advance high-quality health research that solves societal challenges.

Case Study


Wellcome is an independent charitable foundation, that supports bold and ambitious discovery research. To get the most out of their research investment and solve urgent global health issues, Wellcome wanted to provide a publication venue for their grantees that facilitated full access to research outputs and data.

Case Study

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation works with thousands of researchers and institutions globally. Through these collaborations, the foundation enables research with real-world impact, driving change and improving the quality of life for billions of people. To achieve true real-world impact, the foundation needed to enable their grantees to disseminate their research openly with minimal delay, and without barriers or restrictions.