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How research assessment reform can support research impact

How research assessment reform can support research impact

HEPI and Taylor & Francis have been exploring the theme of open access and research impact over the past year, informed by inputs from a range of experts and culminating in publication of a Policy Note at the end of 2022, Why open access is not enough: Spreading the benefits of research (HEPI Policy Note 42). 

In their blog, Liz Allen, Director of Strategic Initiatives at F1000, and Victoria Gardner, Director of Policy at Taylor & Francis, discuss the Policy Note, the framework which inspired it and its five elements: capabilities, connections, coordination, collaboration, and coproduction. They delve more into the underlying rewards and incentive structure needed to support the five elements of the theoretical framework, which was proposed by Sarah Chaytor at UCL, as a means to realize the wider potential benefits of open research. They suggested the rewards and incentives component may be called ‘Credit’.  

To conclude, they proposed building on the original framework by adding ‘Credit’ as a sixth component; moving away from rewarding competition to instead encouraging and crediting collaboration, openness, and transparency in the research and publication process. 

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