10 years of open research publishing - F1000
10 years of open research publishing

10 years of open research publishing

By Zoe Brooke

We’re excited to celebrate 10 years of open research publishing with this insightful discussion between Taylor & Francis’ Head of Content, Martin Wilson, and F1000’s Managing Director, Rebecca Lawrence. 

Ten years ago, the open research journey that continues to transform scholarly publishing started with the launch of F1000’s trailblazing publishing model, first piloted on F1000Research. Building upon the growth and success of F1000Research, F1000 now provides fully managed, open research publishing services directly to research funders, institutions and societies, including Wellcome, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the American Nuclear Society, the European Commission and many more.​ 

From the get-go we’ve got involved with, influenced and spearheaded, initiatives that we believe will influence policy and practice around publishing, around research funding, and around the impact of research. 

10 years of open research publishing and its impact on society.

In this video interview, Rebecca talks about how she helped to pioneer the open research publishing movement ten years ago and what drew her to F1000: 

“The opportunity was to really [be able to] rethink how the scholarly communication system worked, to speed it up so that the knowledge that’s made has much more rapid impact on society. Also, to really lift the lid and bring transparency to the whole process- on the peer review process, the data that underpins the findings, so that there’s reproducibility and rigor around the content that’s being published.” 

Martin and Rebecca also discuss the defining moment in F1000’s history which saw the open research publishing model accepted and adopted by the Wellcome Trust: 

 “That was unknown in the community; the idea of a publisher partnering with a funder and providing a publishing platform for a funder, this wasn’t done at the time, and it showed buy-in from some of the most important members of the research community- the funders themselves.” 

Watch the full interview here:

Transcript of 10 years of open research publishing

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