The F1000 publishing model | Publish your article openly in 5 steps

The F1000 publishing model

Discover a new way to publish your research openly

The F1000 publishing model supports the robustness, quality, and transparency of research through rigorous editorial checks, open data, and open peer review.

F1000 publishing venues combine the speed of preprints with the benefits of full publication. Plus, authors are given autonomy throughout the entire publishing process, from what they choose to publish to which experts should be invited to review.

We believe that all valid research deserves publication, which is why we welcome a wide range of article types, confirmatory and negative results, and null studies. We accept articles based on research quality not research novelty.

The F1000 publishing model enables publication of diverse research outputs in just five steps:

  • Data preparation
  • Article submission
  • Publication
  • Open peer review and user commenting
  • Article revision


    The future is open: academic research in the digital age

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    The future is open: academic research in the digital age