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Open publishing solutions for societies and associations

F1000 offers a range of customizable publishing solutions for societies and associations, managed by our in-house publishing professionals and powered by our cutting-edge technology.

With a dedicated open publishing venue for your society, you can showcase your researchers’ publication outputs, accelerate the pace of research communication, and pave the way for open access to knowledge in your community.

Discover how we can help you reach your open research goals today.

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At F1000, we provide custom publishing solutions for societies and associations shifting to open research publishing and embracing its benefits. Together, we can:


Grow readership, usage, and impact   

Articles are published rapidly and open access, increasing readership and enabling researchers to build upon existing findings faster.


Provide a compliant publishing venue

Make it easier for your research community to comply with their funding requirements. Our solutions are Plan S-compliant, with FAIR data sharing in place for all publications.


Demonstrate innovation

Our trailblazing model and progressive policies allow your members to benefit from publishing at the cutting edge of scholarly communication.


Retain and diversify publishing revenue

We offer a variety of partnership options and business models to meet your society’s unique needs.


Ensure discoverability for research

Articles that pass peer review are indexed in Scopus and PubMed, where relevant, and Google Scholar to support discoverability and the academic record. All articles benefit from our expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Recognize the full range of members’ research

Our Platforms support a diversity of research outputs and formats, so contributors of all types and at all career stages can get credit for their work.

Which F1000 product is right for you?

Discover our publishing solutions by exploring the information on F1000 Platforms and Gateways below.

Let’s work together to create a bespoke partnership package that suits your needs.


Platforms are independent, partner-branded publishing websites powered by our technology and editorial services.


Gateways are dedicated spaces on a Platform, such as F1000Research, that offer a branded hub for your funded research.


Collections are compilations of research outputs around a niche research area.

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What do our current partners think?

By passing all of the publishing services to F1000, we can focus much more on our scholarly activities. This opens up our capacity to support our authors and reviewers better.

Claire MacRae
Education Officer, The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE)

IOM3 is pleased to be the founding participant of Materials Open Research, which brings the innovative model of open research publishing and peer review pioneered by F1000 to materials, minerals and mining science, and engineering. This will undoubtedly enhance the publishing experience for our researchers.

Dr Colin Church
CEO of the Institute of Materials, Minerals, and Mining (IOM3)

Trusted by leading societies worldwide

Discover how leading societies give their members a dedicated space to explore cutting-edge publishing options aligned with open research initiatives.

Connect with your academic community, industry, and beyond like IOM3

Materials Open Research publishes articles and other research outputs in all areas of materials science and materials engineering. The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) is the first affiliate partner to join Materials Open Research, supporting the growth of open research publishing and peer review in materials, minerals and mining science, and engineering.

Make the full range of research outputs open and accessible like ELIXIR

ELIXIR unites Europe’s leading life science organizations in managing and safeguarding the increasing volume of data generated by publicly funded research. The ELIXIR Gateway on F1000Research is an open research hub for ELIXIR-funded projects and activities.

Complement an existing journal like MedEdPublish

An official journal of the Association for Medical Education in Europe, MedEdPublish serves academics, teachers, clinicians, researchers, and students in medical and health professions education. MedEdPublish complements AMEE’s other journal, Medical Teacher, and provides teachers, curriculum developers, researchers, managers, and administrators with an easily accessible Platform to share their work and receive feedback.


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