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We offer publishing solutions tailored for research funders worldwide in every field of study. Funders seeking an innovative approach to research publication for their grantees can maximize their funded research’s use, reuse, and potential impact with our unique partnership options. Discover how we can help you reach your open research goals today.

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How can you raise your open research profile and increase your return on investment? At F1000, we partner with forward-thinking research funders looking to make a real difference in society.

Our Platforms, Gateways, and Collections seamlessly connect detailed grant and funding information with related research outputs, making it easier to identify and track the impact of the research you fund.

Our funder publishing solutions welcome all types of original research, including confirmatory and null results. By offering a wide range of peer reviewed research article types, we enable publication at every stage of the research life cycle.

  • Provide rapid access to all research outputs
  • Reduce research waste
  • Support the careers of your funded researchers
  • Deliver real return on investment from research
  • Champion open research principles

Why partner with F1000?

At F1000, we provide tailored publishing solutions to help you achieve greater return on investment from your funded research projects. Together, we can:


Improve academic rigor and reproducibility

We publish an ever-expanding range of peer reviewed article types and other essential research outputs, such as policy documents, technical reports, and posters.


Publish all significant contributions to research

Our diverse article types enable individuals in all research roles and career stages to get credit for their work and tell the full story of their research.


Increase discoverability

Articles that pass peer review are indexed in Scopus and PubMed, where relevant, and Google Scholar to support discoverability and the academic record. All articles benefit from our expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Foster trust and confidence in research

Discover a post-publication, fully open peer review model which puts transparency and reproducibility at the center. This model also ensures we comply with funder open access mandates, including PLAN S.


Support research evaluation and impact reporting   

We capture comprehensive grant funding details alongside extensive article information to facilitate funding links and attribution.


Accelerate knowledge sharing   

Articles are published rapidly after submission so that other researchers can build on existing findings faster.

Since launching F1000Research in 2013, we have continued to innovate, working closely with funders and researchers worldwide to meet their publishing needs.

Which F1000 product is right for you?

Discover our publishing solutions by exploring the information on F1000 Platforms and Gateways below.

Let’s work together to create a bespoke partnership package that suits your needs.


Platforms are independent, partner-branded publishing websites powered by our technology and editorial services.


Gateways are dedicated spaces on a Platform, such as F1000Research, that offer a branded hub for your funded research.


Collections are compilations of research outputs around a niche research area.

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What do our current partners think?

Wellcome Open Research enables Wellcome-funded researchers to publish all their research outputs quickly, openly and transparently and in ways which support reproducibility.

Prof Sir Mike Ferguson CBE FRS FRSE FMed
Prior Governor on the Board of The Wellcome Trust

The open access model and transparent processes used by HRB Open Research are embedding open publishing in the Irish research system. F1000 has helped us to recognise, reward and incentivise good research and research practices amongst our funded researchers.

Patricia Clarke
Programme Manager, Health Research Board, Ireland 

Trusted by some of the world’s leading research funders


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