Platforms from F1000: Bespoke open research publishing venues


Platforms are independent, partner-branded publishing websites powered by our technology and editorial services. Elements are client-branded and fully customizable, from the domain name and the ISSN to the submission guidelines and research taxonomy.

With a Platform, your organization can publish a wide range of article types and other research-related outputs openly and rapidly. With all technology and editorial services managed by F1000, you’re free to focus on what you do best.

Who can benefit from a publishing Platform?


Use your influence to drive change in the publishing industry and get the most out of the projects you fund.


Build your institutional profile with a branded publication venue that maximizes discoverability, use, and impact.

Societies and associations

Diversify and expand your existing publishing program and strengthen your value proposition for society members.

How it works

Key features

Platforms are fully customized scholarly publishing venues powered by F1000 technical and editorial workflows:

  • Unique, Platform-specific citation and indexing
  • Customization of design elements, from domain name to logo, imagery, and colors
  • Publication of a wide range of article types, from Data Notes and Software Tool Articles to Policy Briefs and Case Studies
  • Rapid, open publication of research findings
  • Transparent post-publication peer review and article versioning 
  • Publication of conference proceedings and documents with a unique identifier, so they can be cited by others 
  • Gateways to structure content around specific issues, initiatives, or partnering organizations
  • Performance dashboard with detailed reporting

Our in-house publishing professionals oversee all aspects of the publishing process:

  • Submission assessment against editorial guidelines and quality standards
  • Production and typesetting management
  • Peer-review management
  • Account management to support the development of your Platform 
  • Marketing and communications to support the promotion of your Platform

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