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Gateways are dedicated spaces on a Platform, such as F1000Research, that offer a branded hub for research associated with your organization. All Gateways use the F1000 open publishing model and our powered by our technology and editorial services.

Who can benefit from a Gateway?


Promote the value of open research within your community and to the public.

Under our model, all sound research findings can be published and shared, with appropriate credit to each contributor.

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Community groups

Raise your profile and make it simple for your researchers to share their work openly.

We welcome all research contributions—if they are of value to your group or the larger community, they are of value to us.

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Advance an open research agenda and show your grantees the value of open publishing.  

Our model ensures efficiency and quality throughout the publishing process so you can make the most of every funded project.

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How it works

Key features

Gateways feature on Platforms powered by F1000, including F1000Research. Our team handles everything from submission processing to indexing. In addition, we offer:

  • Customization of the Gateway to reflect your organization’s identity
  • Publication of a wide range of article types, from Data Notes and Software Tool Articles to Case Reports and Essays
  • Rapid, open publication of research findings
  • Transparent post-publication peer review and article versioning
  • Immediate indexing in a wide range of major bibliographic indexers, once an article has passed peer review
  • Publication of conference proceedings and documents with a unique identifier, so they can be cited by others
  • Gateway Areas to structure content around specific interests

Our in-house publishing professionals oversee all aspects of the publishing process:

  • Submission assessment against editorial guidelines and quality standards 
  • Production and typesetting management
  • Peer-review management
  • APC billing and collection
  • Account management to support the development of your Gateway


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