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University of Fukui to join F1000’s Japan Institutional Gateway as an affiliate

November 20, 2023

The Japan Institutional Gateway is the world’s first dual language (English/Japanese) open research publishing venue founded and supported by the University of Tsukuba. University of Fukui has signed up as an affiliate of F1000’s Japan Institutional Gateway (JIG), following the lead of the University of Tsukuba. This agreement enables researchers from the affiliated institution to publish on JIG: https://f1000research.com/gateways/japan-institutional-gateway. This new affiliate joins Saitama ...

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F1000Research and Taylor & Francis Journals Publish Call for Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss to be Tackled as Interlinked Challenges

October 30, 2023

Ahead of COP28, F1000Research and more than 40 Taylor & Francis journals are publishing a new editorial arguing that it is a dangerous mistake to treat the climate and nature crises as if they were separate challenges. World leaders must consider climate change and biodiversity loss as parts of the same complex problem to be tackled together, the comment’s authors say. Coordinated by the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC), the editorial is being supported by over 200 journals a...

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Japan Institutional Gateway study featured in Medical Xpress

October 20, 2023

A study published on the Japan Institutional Gateway exploring the relationships between childhood bullying/domestic violence and insomnia among employees in Japan was recently featured in a Medical Xpress article. The research examines insomnia as an important public health problem, affecting about 30% of the worldwide population.   Co-authors (Kei Muroi, Mami Ishitsuka, Daisuke Hori, Shotaro Doki, Tsukasa Takahashi, Tomohiko Ikeda, Tamaki Saito, Sasahara Shinichiro, Ichiyo Matsuzaki) from t...

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BBC Future features F1000Research ancient oral microbiomes paper  

October 16, 2023

Scientists believe we are on the cusp of a new, golden age of evolutionary research on the oral microbiome. It may even be possible one day to diagnose whether an ancient human had Alzheimer’s simply by looking at the plaque on their teeth.  In her latest feature for BBC Future, the science writer Jasmin Fox-Skelly explores how researchers are now able to extract and sequence the DNA of ancient oral bacteria using plaque that has remained on the teeth for hundreds of thousands of years, ...

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F1000Research article on transformational entrepreneurship featured in Forbes 

October 11, 2023

An F1000Research research article that presents a study about transformational entrepreneurship and its effect on readiness for change, psychological capital, and employee performance has been featured in an article published in Forbes highlighting studies exploring how to build a thriving and productive business in 2023.  The article focuses on a list of books which can lend themselves to supporting any business leader and entrepreneur aiming to elevate their business. The study by F100...

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The European Commission awards F1000 a new contract to continue supporting Open Research Europe

October 3, 2023

F1000 is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a second contract for the ongoing technology and publishing services for Open Research Europe (ORE), the European Commission’s open research publishing venue for Horizon funded research and other eligible European Commission research programs in all subject areas. F1000 was awarded a 4-year contract in 2020, tasked with establishing and managing an open access publishing Platform for the European Commission, helping them to fulfil their ...

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Saitama University and University of Toyama join F1000’s Japan Institutional Gateway as affiliates

September 20, 2023

Japan Institutional Gateway is the world’s first dual language (English/Japanese) open research publishing venue founded and supported by the University of Tsukuba. Saitama University and University of Toyama have signed up as affiliates of F1000’s Japan Institutional Gateway (JIG), following the lead of the University of Tsukuba. These agreements enable researchers from these affiliated institutions to publish on JIG. These two new affiliates join Tokai University, Tsukuba University of Tec...

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Open Research Europe hydropower modelling study cited in Science and IEEE Spectrum

September 12, 2023

An Open Research Europe Data Note that presents a newly developed (in 2021) open access African hydropower atlas, has been cited in articles recently published in Science and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Spectrum magazine. As the Data Note explains, the modelling of electricity systems with substantial shares of renewable resources, such as solar power, wind power and hydropower, requires datasets on renewable resource profiles wit...

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Routledge Open Research study featured in The Guardian exclusive

September 6, 2023

A study recently published and peer-reviewed in Routledge Open Research, found that pupils in parts of England are likely to never have a teacher of a similar ethnicity. The research article which explored ‘The disproportionality of ethnic minority teachers in England: trends, patterns, and problems’, was authored by the research team at Durham University Evidence Centre for Education (Stephen Gorard, Wenqing Chen, Yiyi Tan, Beng Huat See, Carolina Gazmuri, Antonina Tereshchenko, Feyisa Demie, N...

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NIHR Open Research DecodeME study covered by Sky News and The Guardian 

September 5, 2023

The DecodeME research team working on the largest ever Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) study to see whether the disease is partly genetic, published the results of questionnaire responses from over 17,000 people with ME/CFS on NIHR Open Research.   A key finding from the paper is that while it is well known that most people with ME/CFS are females, what was not clear previously was that females tend to have more additional health conditions. Also, being female...

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