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One Year of Routledge Open Research Achievements

One Year of Routledge Open Research Achievements
By Louise Worthington

April 2023 marks the one-year anniversary of Routledge Open Research, the first open research publishing Platform to offer authors across the Arts, Humanities, Behavioral and Social Sciences a dedicated, interdisciplinary venue to disseminate a wide range of outputs, fully open access.  

Utilizing F1000’s innovative technology, Routledge introduced a streamlined publishing experience – alongside a unique set of data guidelines specifically for Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) scholars – enabling authors to publish all their research outputs quickly and openly.   

Routledge Open Research is governed by an independent Editorial Advisory Board of researchers who each have brought, and continue to bring, a wealth of experience and knowledge to support the Platform’s strategy and direction. 

“The first year of Routledge Open Research has offered valuable opportunities to initiate conversations about open peer review and to experiment with the model across diverse contexts and topics of educational research.”  

Professor Alis Oancea, Chief Editorial Advisor, Education at Routledge Open Research  

We’re proud of Routledge Open Research’s achievements in the past 12 months. Routledge Open Research has launched 10 thematic Collections, recruited 21 new Advisory Board Members, and welcomed submissions across 7 different types of research outputs including Essays, Policy Briefs, Brief Reports, Reviews, Research Articles and Case Studies which have resulted in hundreds of views and downloads. 

“Routledge Open Research is building its brand, which has led to the development of high-quality Collections. As Chief Editorial Advisor it has been a pleasure to work with a new Advisory Board, to shape the direction of the social sciences aspects of the Platform.”   

Professor John Connolly, Chief Editorial Advisor, Social Science at Routledge Open Routledge 

Looking ahead

Routledge Open Research looks forward to the year ahead to expand the breadth of article Collections on the Platform and continue to drive for interdisciplinary collaboration among HSS scholars. Furthermore, Routledge Open Research will remain committed to supporting these communities in influencing research, policy, and practice to make a real-world impact.   

“I hope to see more researchers recognize that the fast paced, open access, open science, post-publication peer review model of Routledge Open Research reduces time between submission and publication without sacrificing quality of their work.”  

Professor Jon Grahe, Chief Editorial Advisor, Psychology at Routledge Open Research 


Explore Routledge Open Research, view available Collections and start your publishing journey today.  

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