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Reflecting on 2022: Influencing change

Before we down tools and take a much-needed break over the upcoming holiday period, I just wanted to pause for a moment to take a look back on all that we have learned and achieved in this last year. I thought it best to start this annual tradition by reflecting back on what I wrote this time last year, to see if we really have delivered on those hopes and aspirations I (perhaps rather boldly) set back then.  At the time, I promised we would keep working hard to “realize our vision to ma...

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The tipping point: is research culture about to become more open?

Despite the scientific method being predicated on questioning, experimentation, analysis, and challenge, a research culture has predominated in which this underlying work and discussion is closed from public scrutiny and, within the community itself, siloed within institutions, only the results surfacing. In a post-COVID-19 world, where there are increasing demands for fast publication and for science to keep pace with social demands, open science offers not just ‘quick’ publication, but a recal...

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Unlocking the potential of open research

On April 27, Rebecca Lawrence, Managing Director at F1000, participated in a panel discussion at the Westminster Higher Education Forum policy conference which explored the ‘Next steps for sharing research outputs and data’. In this blog, Rebecca outlines the key issues and potential of open research and suggests how to address them for open research in the UK to truly flourish. "What we really need is a UK Open Research Task Force that brings research funders, institutions, soci...

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The London Book Fair 2022: Scholarly publishing innovation in the digital age

The London Book Fair hosted a grand return to face-to-face events for the publishing community at London Olympia earlier this month. F1000’s Strategic Partnership Manager, Becky Hill, joined Nicola Parkin, Taylor & Francis’ Director of Book Editorial Services, to examine how we are working together to transition to open scholarship in the world of books and monographs. In this blog we spoke to Becky Hill about the collaborative partnership between F1000 and Taylor & Francis, and how...

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Reflecting on 2021

We foster a culture of innovation to accelerate the reach of knowledge and put it in the hands of those who will shape the future. December is one of my favorite months of the year as it’s a time to pause, reflect and collect what we’ve learned about ourselves and our business this year, so that we can put our best foot forward, energized by hope in the year ahead. I remember the start of January 2021 exclaiming, “Bring on 2021!” after what was a truly unprecedented 2020 – and 2021 certai...

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