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Upcoming Virtual Event: Join us this Peer Review Week

Upcoming Virtual Event: Join us this Peer Review Week
By Zoe Brooke

Due to the sad passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II, we have taken the decision to move this event online. We are extremely grateful for the great deal of interest and support for the event and we are still very much looking forward to an engaging and constructive debate.

F1000 and Taylor & Francis, in association with the Association of British Science Writers, invite you to join us this Peer Review Week at our online panel discussion, for what is set to be an insightful discussion about the challenges and opportunities of peer review for science and health reporting. 

We will be joined by an expert panel of science journalists, researchers, and science press managers – see below for the full lineup. 

The panel will explore:   

  • The pressures on peer review and the need for rapid publication of research articles especially during the COVID-19 pandemic  
  • If peer review helps journalists understand the progress of the science behind the findings and what this means for public understanding and social impact  
  • How journalists keep up with the pace of science and report on breakthroughs and what this means for researchers from both peer review and PR perspectives 

Date: September 21st, 2022 
Time: 5.30pm BST
Cost: Free of charge 
Online viewing: The panel discussion will take place online using the GoTo Webinar platform. Once you’ve registered, you will receive a link to join the event 24 hours before the event start time.

Register for your complimentary ticket today.

Introducing our panelists:
Jodie Bell, Senior Press & Media Relations Manager, Taylor & Francis

Jodie joined Taylor & Francis in 2008, and as senior media relations manager she is responsible for developing media relations strategy for Taylor & Francis research and corporate news. Jodie is an experienced communications specialist and has led the T&F media team since it was formed in 2016. She has experience in leading global campaigns and coordinating partnerships with stakeholder organizations. Jodie is also a member of the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW) and STEMPRA, the association for PR professionals working in STEM subject areas.

Boyana Konforti, Director of Strategic Initiatives, F1000

Boyana joined F1000 in 2022 and is an enthusiastic open science advocate. She fosters collaborative interactions and partnerships with research organizations, government, funders, and universities to make scientific communication more efficient, effective, transparent, and inclusive. Boyana holds a PhD in Biochemistry and has over 15 years of experience editing scientific journals such as Nature Structural & Molecular Biology and Cell Reports.

Parth Patel, Senior Research Fellow, IPPR; media commentator, Wellcome Open Research author

Parth is an NHS doctor with a strong interest in reducing health inequalities. Parth has authored numerous articles in Wellcome Open Research, and his research has previously generated front-page headlines. He is also a senior research fellow with the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), where he leads their work on democracy and politics. Parth is a regular media commentator, having appeared on BBC, ITV, and Sky News.

Rachael Pells, freelance journalist in science and research (Times, Nature, Wired, iPaper)

Rachael is a freelance journalist specializing in science and research and has written for the Times, Nature, Wired, and iPaper. Previously, Rachael was education correspondent at The Independent, before covering research at Times Higher Education. She recently authored a WIRED Guide ‘GENOMICS: how genome sequencing will change our lives’, and co-authored a book titled “Plan S for Shock”, covering the story of open access publishing.

Richard Van Noorden, Features Editor, Nature

Richard has been a features editor at Nature since 2017 and has more than 15 years’ experience in science journalism. He has covered a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence, Covid, and research ethics. Richard was awarded the Association of British Science Writer’s feature of the year in 2022.

Tom Sheldon, Senior Press Manager, Science Media Centre

Tom joined the Science Media Centre (SMC) in 2008, and has covered a wide range of subjects including mobile phones and cancer, and climate change. He has also written on the issues surrounding preprints and publicity, including a high-profile article published in Nature. Tom has degrees in Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics.

The Chair of the panel Martin Wilson, Head of Content, Taylor & Francis (former Head of Product, BBC Digital Creativity)

Martin is the Head of Content for Taylor & Francis, and is the chair of the discussion panel. He currently oversees the development of first-class content, playing a vital role in publicizing world-class research. Martin also previously worked for the BBC, where he was responsible for producing documentaries on science, arts, and current affairs. This included an award-winning series titled “Alternative Medicine: The Evidence”.

Join us for this panel debate to explore the challenges and opportunities of peer review for science and health reporting. This event will be a discussion amongst panel members, as well as the audience, with ample time for questions and comments from the floor.

If you have any queries about the event or wish to send questions to any of the panelists in advance, then please send an email to F1000CorporateCommunications@F1000.com

We look forward to welcoming you to the event! If you think a colleague or friend would be interested in attending, please do forward this page.