Leading HSS publisher Routledge has launched Routledge Open Research with F1000 - F1000

Leading HSS publisher Routledge has launched Routledge Open Research with F1000

Leading HSS publisher Routledge has launched Routledge Open Research with F1000
By Martha Attard Gialanze

Leading Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) publisher Routledge has launched Routledge Open Research with F1000. This is the world’s first open research publishing platform specifically for the HSS community that aims to combine books, articles, and other research outputs in one interdisciplinary venue.

Routledge Open Research is governed by an independent Editorial Advisory Board of researchers who will help to support the platform’s strategy and provide direction as required. The Chief Editorial Advisors will each publish an editorial piece to discuss the opportunities in their fields due to the growing open research landscape, as well as what they are hoping to achieve by being part of Routledge Open Research. Read the first one here.

Chief Editorial Advisor Prof. John Connolly says: “I am looking forward to seeing the range of quality research that is published in an accessible form from across the arts and humanities. The platform is not only about publishing traditional journal papers, but there are opportunities to use the platform for publishing thought pieces, policy reports (and more!) which contribute to informing and addressing contemporary societal issues. I am most looking forward to witnessing the flexibility of the platform.”

Routledge Open Research utilizes the publishing model, technology and knowledge pioneered by F1000 to provide HSS scholars with a rapid and transparent publishing venue, whilst also giving authors the opportunity to increase the discoverability, accessibility and reach of their research.

Gearóid O Faolean, Publisher HSS at F1000 said “This is a very exciting launch for us, with the open research concept still relatively novel to arts, humanities and social science scholars. Researchers in those fields will have the opportunity to publish a range of formats on the platform. In addition, the value and scholarly contribution of each individual article can be tracked via Altmetrics. The early collections that we have launched showcase the community-led approach to themed article collections that we will foster on the platform. Using that model, we intend on positioning Routledge Open Research as a leader in interdisciplinary HSS open research publishing.”

Chief Editorial Advisor Prof. Alis Oancea says: “I look forward to seeing a broad base of high-quality publications from different countries, including from countries with less well-resourced research systems, as well as to the publication of focused special issues on key and emerging topics in education. Experimenting with the open review model in educational research will be interesting. I also look forward to hosting critical dialogue among diverse modes of educational research, designs and theoretical frames.”

Alongside the Platform launch itself, Routledge Open Research is today also publishing a unique set of data guidelines specifically for HSS researchers. Learn more about these guidelines, and about Routledge Open Research more generally, in an upcoming webinar.

Ian White, Portfolio Development Specialist at Taylor & Francis says: “Routledge Open Research presents Routledge with a significant opportunity to engage with emergent and open scholarship in a new and dynamic way in HSS. Routledge Open Research will offer scholars a way to maximize contact with multiple audiences. These interactions will undoubtedly inform the scholar’s work, creating a virtuous cycle towards real and meaningful impact.”

Chief Editorial Advisor Prof. Jon E. Grahe says: “Open Sciences initiatives, transparency and access enable equity. In other words, the digital age breaks down old barriers to research and publishing and will be one of the hallmarks of the transformation of science in the 21st century.”

Routledge Open Research enables all research outputs to be published open access, as well as benefitting from invited and open peer review, article versioning, archiving and indexing. In addition to research articles, Routledge Open Research features a variety of peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed content such as books (coming in the later months of 2022), data notes, software tools, methods articles, policy briefs, case studies, posters, slides and technical reports.

To view the newly published research on Routledge Open Research, including the new collections, visit: https://routledgeopenresearch.org/.

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