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The F1000 brand

The F1000 brand
By f1000

Innovation has been the driving force behind F1000 since it launched in 2002 and we are excited to share the next chapter in our history with the launch of our new brand.

At the heart of our new brand is our vision statement. It has been created to articulate with conviction, our aspirations and reflects F1000’s unwavering and long held belief in the principles of open research.

To empower researchers – the F1000 publishing model provides credit and visibility for authors and reviewers and maximizes opportunities for collaboration.

To advance knowledge – we offer article types to support all stages of the research journey, so more of that research can be discovered and built on.

To engage society – we make research findings rapidly accessible so that knowledge can be used and reused with real-world impact.

Our vision statement is supported by our mission, the focus and specialisation of our business. Ultimately, our mission statement is intended to clarify the “what,” the “who,” and the “why“. It’s the roadmap for our vision statement.

Our visual identity has also been reinvigorated to support the new vision and mission and strengthen our brand. It has been designed to reflect both our history and partnership with the scientific community, as well as our goals of transparent and open research.

To enable us to continue to share our brand story with our communities, we are also excited to launch two new communication channels:
– Our newly re-branded F1000 Twitter account. Follow the account to keep up to date on our latest announcements and developments.
– Our new F1000 corporate website. All news stories will be posted here in the first instance, so stay tuned.