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Illume Research launches open research publishing venue to support China’s next generation of researchers

Illume Research launches open research publishing venue to support China’s next generation of researchers
By Louise Worthington

Illume Research, an innovative education consultancy preparing Chinese students to study abroad with mentors at institutions such as Cambridge, Harvard and Princeton, has partnered with open research publisher F1000, part of the Taylor & Francis Group, to launch Illume Talents, an open research publishing hub (‘Gateway’) for Illume students and educators. The Gateway will sit on F1000’s flagship platform F1000Research, and will benefit from established indexation in Scopus and DOAJ.  

Illume Talents enables all research outputs to be published using F1000’s trailblazing open research publishing model, combining the benefits of pre-printing (providing rapid publication) with mechanisms to assure quality and transparency (invited and open peer review, archiving and indexing). To fully represent the value of all work undertaken by researchers, Illume Talents will publish peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed outputs from across the research journey (such as study protocols, data notes, posters and slides), and confirmatory findings or null and negative results are encouraged equally. All outputs published are free to access and read – for anyone, at any time. This publishing model is also used on the customised Platforms that F1000 provides for major global funders such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome, the European Commission and many others.  

A spokesperson for Illume said: 

“There is a Chinese saying, ‘It takes ten years to grow trees and one hundred years to cultivate people.’ Given the complexity and diversity of the development of talents, practical strategies are on the agenda.  This Gateway aims to enlighten young learners and researchers to develop their talent by means of ‘learning by doing scientific research’. To promote the importance of innovation, we endeavour to engage educators, including principals, teachers, and researchers in various disciplines to empower young learners and researchers with inquiry-based learning by doing scientific research projects to develop students’ all-round competencies.” 

Rebecca Lawrence, Managing Director of F1000, said: 

“Illume looks towards the future, recognizing the immense potential of researchers at all stages of their careers. Through the Illume Talents Gateway, young professionals will have the invaluable opportunity to hone their skills, while simultaneously sharing their unique insights with the global scholarly community. At F1000, we also recognize the immense value of early career researchers, and we are excited to partner with Illume to bring open research to the world and cultivate the next generation of great researchers.”  

Illume Talents has begun publishing and is actively encouraging submissions from students and educators affiliated with Illume.  

Notes to editors: 
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About Illume: lllume Research is a technologically advanced education company that offers individually tailored research projects, personalized mentorship, online study platform and teaching management system. With over 800 years of educating expertise, Cambridge has helped us adopt and revamp the unique project-based learning style. We were inspired to develop the comprehensive and personalized education systems to guide our students towards academic excellence and success. Our founding team members hail from the world’s top universities including Cambridge University, Johns Hopkins University, and University of Science and Technology of China.  


We aim to enlighten students, helping them to develop critical thinking, research skills, innovation capabilities, and academic leadership skills. At Illume, we challenge our students to discover their true academic passions as our world-class mentors provide guidance and academic support. We are committed to providing an elite international education that will help guide students into their future roles as professionals, researchers, and world leaders. 

About F1000: F1000 fosters a culture of innovation to accelerate the reach of knowledge and put it in the hands of those who will shape the future. We provide open research publishing solutions and services to organizations such as the European Commission, Wellcome, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as directly to researchers through our own publishing platform, F1000Research. F1000 is wholly owned by the Taylor & Francis Group, an Informa Group company.   


知路研修(Illume Research)是一家互联网教育科技公司,专注于科研学术能力培养。近日,知路研修已与Taylor & Francis集团旗下开放研究出版品牌F1000达成合作,推出面向学生和教育工作者的开放研究国际平台——Illume Talents。

Illume Talents依托于F1000的开放研究出版模式,将预印本的快速发表优势与确保高质量的开放同行评审以及存储和收录等机制进行有机结合,支持所有类型研究成果的发表。为了充分体现研究人员所从事的所有工作阶段的高价值,Illume Talents不但支持研究成果的通过同行评议机制进行发表,还支持其他研究过程及产出如研究方案、数据说明、海报和幻灯片等以非同行评议的方式进行发表。F1000的出版模式也用于支持全球多家科研基金的定制化平台,如比尔和梅林达·盖茨基金、惠康基金、欧盟委员会等。



F1000总裁Rebecca Lawrence表示:

“Illume展望未来,充分看到研究人员在职业生涯各个阶段的巨大潜力。通过Illume Talents,年轻的研究人员将有机会来磨练他们的技能,同时与全球学术界分享他们独特的见解。在F1000,我们也认识到早期职业研究人员的巨大价值,我们很高兴能与Illume合作,将开放的研究推向世界,培养下一代研究人员。”

Notes to editors:

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关于 F1000: 作为Taylor & Francis出版集团旗下的开放出版品牌,F1000致力于通过创新的出版方式加速知识的传播。在为欧盟委员会、惠康基金会、比尔和梅林达·盖茨基金会等组织提供开放的研究出版解决方案和服务的同时,通过出版平台F1000Research直接向研究人员提供开放出版服务。